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The Barcelona and Brazil super star Neymar once again protested about his innocence and went ahead to insist his current off-field legal issues but this doesn’t bother him at all meanwhile having a very strong confident on his own that all issues will soon be settled and resolve.

According to survey Neymar the Barcelona super star voice out suddenly with his treatment in the media according to his involvement in so many cases mostly on legal matter and yet he still stand on his word saying that he is not a “criminal”.

In 2013 the super star Neymar was been transferred from Santos to Camp Nou and since then the super star has been involved in so many legal cases most especially in Spain and his home town Brazil, this same player involved has once been in a case with his father of tax fraud.

According to survey the Sao Paulo Federal Court ordered most of the assets belonging to the super star but can still be reclaimed conditionally, he has to pay just a fine not up to €45 million.

Later on his club Barcelona agreed to help and pay some of the fine for him which was €5.5m mainly for them to eliminate all the legal proceeding he has in Spain but that of Sao Paulo still remains for him.
But the issue here is that the super star Neymar has a strong confidence on himself saying that all the case that he is facing will soon be resolved insisting that he is “innocent”.

The Barca super star Neymar said:”I have not done anything wrong. I’m not a criminal,”. Insisting that some people are trying to put his name down that he has never done anything. Wrong. “The truth is that I’m sure everything will be resolved soon. These matters do not disturb me.