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At the yesterday’s Heroes & Villains Fan Fest” in New Jersey, David Solo of the Walker Nation Podcast met with former WWE veteran superstar Cody Rhodes and at their meeting, there was an interview which lasted for some hours.

It is revealed that ever since Cody Rhodes demanded to be released and was released, he has not in any platform been interviewed, so, this is to say that yesterday’s interview was actually his first since his released and he talked about so many things about his life and the WWE at large.

The first question he was asked was, why he really left WWE and hitting the nail on the head, Cody Rhodes said, “I don’t want the money, I want the moments and you (WWE) are not giving me the moments. I don’t want to be anything but #1.” Cody liked the fact that he compared himself with his father Dusty Rhodes.

“I was in Greensboro and that’s where my dad and Ric (Flair) had to get on the radio, in fans cars, and tell them that the event was sold out for Starcade. I thought ‘Here I am looking at this Stardust outfit in my bag… I feel like I’m less than I am and no amount of money is worth being less than I am.’

As WWE announced the release of Cody Rhodes, his wife Eden, who also worked in the company as a ring announcer confirmed her leave as well . In this interview, she remarked that the recent product is not good and someone could “make a hat out of turds, creating a turd hat, and it would get over in the WWE!”

Furthermore, Cody Rhodes saw his released as an opportunity to pen a biographic book about his Hall of
Famer father Dusty Rhodes. His release was indeed a permission to do something for his legend father.