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Real Madrid players who would be kings at other clubs.

Real Madrid is not your usual club. It is a club with a rich history, a number of accolades and some highly talented players who were the best in the business at some point in time. It is this knack of signing the great players that made this club a media magnet with the limelight always zeroed in on those stars.

With a history of lavish spending on players that their system never required, they garnered a lot of criticism. But that didn’t stop them as they have continued their tradition and have accumulated crown jewels who would be absolute kings at any other club.

At Real Madrid, however, they are just another normal fish in the ocean. Here are 5 such players.
1) Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata returns to Real Madrid after a stint with Juventus
Even though he might not have been a starter at Juventus, Alvaro Morata’s rise in the football fraternity has been a stunning one. A lot of teams are still trying their best to acquire his services and their willingness to pay big bucks for him proves how far he has come as a footballer in the last two years.

With his market value quoted to be around €75 million, he could be labelled as a star, but yet won’t be a starter for Real Madrid – at least not in the initial stages.
There are talks about him being sold to make a profit, something that doesn’t seem likely anymore. If he is retained, he will have to play second fiddle to Karim Benzema, who still has a solid three seasons left in him.

In another team, such as Arsenal or Chelsea, not only would he be a starter, but the system would also revolve around him in order to bring the best out of the young Spaniard – something that won’t happen at Real Madrid even if he becomes the first choice due to the presence of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.