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They Had Man of Argentina announce his retirement from the Argentine national team early Monday morning.

It was revealed that star midfielder Lionel messi has been bombarded with massage concerning his decision of leaving the nation teammates, former player and fans showed concern and pleaded with him to stay.

The reason why he was been asked not to quit his nation was because there are upcoming and even existing players looking up to him. Messi leaving would have been a good lead for others to follow.

Another player hoping to see messi in the white and blue jersey soon is cristiano Ronaldo the heat man of Portugal was there and he tried talking to him but it was obvious that Messi has already got his mind made up.

“To Miss a penalty kick doesn’t make you a bad player but instead, it gives you courage to Focus even the more”. it hurts to see messi in tears. I really hope he returns to his national Team because they need him.