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Ex-Liverpool forward agreed that the centre-backs mistakes are not-just and unfairly represented and has supported him for the beginning of the berth at Euro 2016 for Roy Hogdson’s vigorous England team.

Michael Owen the ex-England striker believed that the only key player within Roy Hodgson’s Euro 2016 group that could perform very well and algorithmically play for Barcelona is John Stone the Everton defender.

In Hodgson, Stone is one of the key players centre-back for the tournament in France regarding the unpredictable campaign for the Toffees as they end 11th in the Premier League.
According to Owen, he feel that the mistake done by the player John Stone have been inflated by the relationship and has supported Stone to begin the battle this season.

He even still went ahead saying that John Stone is the only capable player in the nation who could algorithmically move into the summer and who deserve a resident in Luis Enrique’s beginning.

People do associate John Stone with mistake knowingly to them that no one is above mistakes. And despite the mistakes associated to John by the people no body can specify at list two mistakes made by John this season, but they can specify at list four mistake committed by others this season like that of Smalling who scored an own goal, lost penalty giving to him and still yet there is no one to call his name.

The expression of the people towards John Stone’s mistakes is totally wrong, he is the only one capable and fit in the England group that can algorithmically move into Barcelona team this season.