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The spring cleaning being done by the WWE has been since ages past, not a new exercise. The spring cleaning as it is is an exercise done to erase some superstars who are thought to be less skill, misbehaving and not meeting up the expectations of the Company.

In 2009, the Pennsylvania wrestler Afa Anoa’i Jr popularly known as Manu was released by the WWE because of his poor backstage attitude. Though, Manu didn’t give up in his career despite his release by the WWE he continued as an independent wrestler.

Manu is of Samoan lineage and is related to the Rock, Roman Reigns, Usos. Manu was a main eventer before his release by the WWE he has recorded lots of gain and loss in the course of his professional wrestling career. He made his debut into the main event rooster in 2007.

Manu was a member of The original Legacy stable which also include the released superstar WWE and Sim Snuka but as time went on, Sim Snuka and Manu were removed from the stable and replaced by Ted Dibiase Jr. this was how this relation of The Rock was kicked out of WWE and till date he is still not yet found.