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James Rodriguez of Real Madrid was seriously examined by his club Real Madrid on a very important decision to take about him. James Rodriguez was signed from Colombia about two yes ago and after been signed he has always been on the bench in most of the games.

Meanwhile during the FIFA 2014 World Cup, €80 million was been spent on James Rodriguez by his club Real Madrid after his brilliant performance, all this while he has not be playing as a key player in the past season according to survey is basically due to the interest some bigger clubs has on his game styles and potential.

Meanwhile Real Madrid sees and stores him as not only a useful player but as a useful asset which they don’t want to miss.

One thing we need to know or the question you need to ask is can he continue like this or can he stay under Zidane’s system of football.
Any ways there are some reasons why Real Madrid should sell James either this or next summer or possibly this summer.

Real Madrid need to sell James because as he continue being a reserve in most games, bigger clubs will not have so much interest on him and will not even pay more than €40 million to buy him so it is better Madrid sells him on time in other for them to gain back their money spent him.

Come to think of it, the Championship won by Real Madrid was without James Rodriguez playing an important role so this is one of the reasons why Real Madrid should sell him.

But nevertheless James is a unique payer that suppose not be in the bench always, but Madrid coach cannot with stand a player of €80 million always sitting on the bench.