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We brought a report to you few days ago that the former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella’s twin sister, Brie Bella has finally given birth to her first baby daughter named Birdie Jo Danielson.

The 31-year old Total Divas star gave birth after more than a week over her due date and recently had a “scare” where she and Daniel Bryan had to go to the hospital. But they were able to return home after getting the OK from the doctor.

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Now that the baby is here, the latest daddy in the WWE, Jo Danielson has expressed a great delight on the arrival of his new daughter.

The photo below shows how he keeps caressing the baby and her mother, what a daddy!
The mother also made a statement expressing her happiness saying:

“There is no better feeling in the world than meeting your daughter. I can’t even express the overwhelming joy and love that Bryan and I are feeling,”

Brie, 33, tells in a statement. “Now we know what parents mean about the love you feel when you first meet your child. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on the safety of Birdie coming into this world.”

Brie Bella joyfully exclaimed that she’s going to stream her daughter’s coming to the world on camera during the next show!