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Dolph Ziggler once again finds himself at the centre of rumours that he’s leaving WWE, for what feels like the fourth or fifth time now. However, this time might be the time that ‘The Showoff’ does leave for pastures new as evidence is slowly starting to mount up.

While Ziggler potentially leaving WWE is nothing new, there are a few new developments regarding his speculative exit.

We haven’t seen Ziggler in a WWE ring for nearly a month and he has reportedly not been traveling with the company as of late. Even more, Ziggler switched his Twitter profile to Nic Nameth, his real name. This could easily be an example of Ziggler having fun at WWE’s fans expense especially when you take one his latest tweets into account.

Ziggler’s WWE status has been an ongoing saga since Royal Rumble last year when it was revealed he was given a $1.5 million dollar deal, which Ziggler later went on to shoot down by saying he hadn’t signed a new deal at all.

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SummerSlam rolled around and there was further news that Ziggler had turned down a contract offer from WWE just before the show.

Given that speculation on Ziggler’s future has ramped up again almost a year later, it would appear that he didn’t sign a new full-time contract, but instead agreed to a one-year extension.

I reported almost two weeks ago that Ziggler seemed to be on his way out of WWE based on some information we’d been told by a source, who confirmed the story that Nakamura had introduced Ziggler to people within NJPW, and the fact he’d changed his Twitter handle to Nic Nemeth and was embarking on a comedy tour.

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Then over the last few days, it emerged that Ziggler had turned down a contract to become a backstage producer for WWE. When you add this to the fact he hasn’t been seen since the Steel Cage match with Drew McIntyre in December, not even appearing at house shows and you get a fairly conclusive, if not definite, picture.

Another piece of the jigsaw that is Ziggler’s future that suggests he’s leaving WWE is the arrival of Dolph Ziggler merchandise in Pro Wrestling Tees, typically contracted WWE Superstars will sell their merchandise through the WWE Store. The fact Ziggler is now advertising his Pro Wrestling Tees selection suggests he’s no longer with WWE.