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Triple H Frustrated With Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has fired WWE Superstar from the company

A lot of very interesting tidbits about pro wrestling’s past were revealed at Starrcast already. Sting talked about how he was almost shot and also fell from the rafters on a different occasion.

Now we have a very interesting story about how strict WWE has kept with their written promos, even back in 2001.

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Mark Madden said during X-Pac’s Q&A that when WWE bought out WCW they acquired the contract of Johnny Swinger as well. He was given a written promo to do in one of his first assignments and then he got to work.

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However, Stephanie McMahon was producing this segment and she knew what she wanted. When Swinger came back to deliver his promo she did not like what he brought to the table. Because the promo that was written for him wasn’t recited verbatim.

Swinger tried to reason with the fact that it’s not in his words. The points were made, but it was done in a way that would fit his character.

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He was new and people didn’t know who he was yet in WWE. This did not matter to Stephanie McMahon. So she fired him on the spot.