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It was a disastrous development for The Great Khali who is currently receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit of Brijlal Hospital in Haldwani after being seriously injured in a recent bout.

This must be shocking for the Indian wrestler as well as the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion who was slated to perform in two venues as part of “The Great Khali Returns Series”.

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Then somehow along the line, things fell apart. Sources detailed that Khali was attacked by international wrestlers which was part of the original plan.

However, there was an error by some means, things took a different dive when Khali began bleeding and indisputably hurt after being beaten with a steel chair – things went horribly bad, off-script.

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In order to save the day and to help breathe life into The Great Khali, he was rushed out of the venue in a stretcher and was spouting blood from his head.

Worthy to note is that, few days ago, The Great Khali signed his death warrant when he was reacting to critics who say he has finished and nothing much could be say about him. Khali then dared anyone for a challenge and he would emerge victoriously. Read full details here