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Undertaker, Triple H

Whether it’s during the 1990s, the 2000s or even in the modern era with its self-titled pay-per-view, WWE has had some of its most ferocious matches inside Hell in a Cell.

Some of the all-time classics have been inside the structure, and throughout the years, there have been some who have treated the cell like a second home.

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It goes without saying that guys like Undertaker and Triple H are two of the most stellar performers inside Hell in a Cell, but in addition to those two, what other stars rank as the best HIAC superstars?


When he steps into the cell Oct. 25 at Staples Center in Los Angeles to face Brock Lesnar, it will represent Undertaker’s 13th appearance inside the structure, a number that is surely never going to be broken.

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His nearest rival is only on nine appearances, and that is current chief operating officer Triple H. Of the guys currently wrestling full time, Randy Orton is the nearest with just six.

But it isn’t just the numbers that make Undertaker arguably WWE’s greatest Hell in a Cell performer; it’s the iconic moments he’s produced.

For that you can go all the way back to the very first cell match against Shawn Michaels, where Kane exploded onto the scene in spectacular fashion, making his debut and costing Undertaker the win against HBK.

course, his match with Mankind in 1998, where Taker hurled Mick Foley off the top of the cell and through the announce table.

Even his most recent effort inside Hell in a Cell, three years ago at WrestleMania, was a great match with a dramatic ending.

There’s little doubting that Taker is WWE’s go-to man when it comes to the history of Hell in a Cell.

Triple H

Although not having quite a prestigious history with the cell as Undertaker, Triple H is also right up there when it comes to skill in the ring and performances inside Hell in a Cell.

Working in reverse order to the run-through of Undertaker’s highlights inside the cell, his bout with Taker at WrestleMania was one of the best cell matches ever seen, but going further back, Triple H’s incredible record with this structure comes to the fore.

with Batista in 2005 for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was bloody, brutal and everything a cell match is supposed to be, as was his match with Shawn Michaels a year earlier as they settled their differences inside WWE’s most dangerous structure.

But unlike Taker, it’s perhaps better to look at the numbers when it comes to Triple H’s relationship with the cell. Nine performances and six wins is a mighty fine record, and it even includes a win against the guy who helped to make the cell famous all those years ago.

Mick Foley

Whether it’s Mankind, Cactus Jack or plain old Mick Foley, the man of many faces certainly thrived when it came to Hell in a Cell.

Arguably the most defining match of his career, and the one people will remember him for more than any other, came inside the cell back in 1998 when he fought Undertaker.

took such a ridiculous bump and continued wrestling for a few years afterward is anyone’s guess, but then again, this is Mick Foley we’re talking about.

But it wasn’t just that match in 1998 that Foley had inside the cell. He had an even more spectacular one a few years later, when wrestling as Cactus Jack, against Triple H.

It came at the 2000 edition of No Way Out with Triple H’s title on the line. The stipulation was that if Foley lost, he would have had to retire. It was outrageously gruesome on occasions, featuring plenty of blood and plenty of intensity from start to finish.

was when Foley drove a two-by-four into the face of The Game, and soon after, Foley was sent through the top of the cell onto the mat after Triple H performed a backdrop on top of the structure.

He eventually lost the match, and although he’d return at WrestleMania at the request of Linda McMahon, this really was the last substantial match Foley ever had. All in all, Foley wrestled inside the cell four times and never won, but it was his performances in those matches and the huge bumps he took that make him one of the best WWE has had in its history when it comes to the cell.

Shawn Michaels

When it comes to wrestlers who’ve played an important part in the development of the Hell in a Cell match, Shawn Michaels rightly earns a place with the best.

He was in two absolutely brilliant cell matches, in particular—that very first one against Undertaker and the one several years later with Triple H.

them so good is that Michaels played different roles in both. The very first cell match was about showcasing how tough and torturing this structure could be to those who hadn’t seen it before. To that end, Michaels played a key role in making it what it is that night at Bad Blood 1997, taking plenty of bumps and being literally tossed around the cell by Undertaker for large parts of the match.

He was busted open, beaten heavily and even fell from the structure on one occasion after he lost his grip.

Even seven years later when he took on Triple H, Michaels again played a great role in showing how the cell can be utilized. Again it was brutal, but this time the longevity of the bout was to be admired, with both he and Triple H laying out an incredible story inside Hell in a Cell.

They bled and they beat each other for well over 40 minutes, with weapons even coming into play.

As far as men who helped to establish Hell in a Cell for the demonic and dangerous beast it is, Michaels was one of the very best.

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