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John Cena involved in car accident, see photos

Not too long ago, I noticed that an unusual number of people had come to looking for news regarding WWE Superstar John Cena’s purported demise in a car accident.

I then wrote a post refuting that particular rumor, even going so far as to include a Vine from that very same morning of Cena squatting just a stupid amount of weight (and with a full range of motion, no less).

This post somehow went viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of views around the world. Even today, dozens and dozens of readers around the world are perusing the original post in the hopes of determining whether their shining star John Felix Anthony Cena is still alive. (Spoiler: he is.)

Yet, despite clear and present evidence that John Cena did not die in a car accident, we still get comment after comment asking if Cena is dead or alive (also, comments that are somehow under the impression that I am John Cena; I am decidedly not John Cena).

For the record,
the accidents which Cena was involved in happened in 2012 (or in 2015, for that matter), and that’s already water under the bridge now.

Therefore, I figure it best to alleviate these concerns once again (and shamelessly attempt to recapture lightning in a bottle). As of 11:00am EST on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019, John Cena remains completely and unequivocally not dead.

It is entirely in our odd that in some dimension beyond our comprehension, non-canon John Cena has not spent the last few years living and wrestling and entertaining the wrestling fans worldwide as he used to, but one thing is for sure, Cena cannot always be in WWE.

No one stays there or anywhere for ever, after a while, everyone, including WWE CEO, Vince McMahon will give way to another generation of managers and the game continues.