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The erstwhile worker of the WWE, “Brodus Clay” who is known to wrestle as “Tyrus” at ‘TNA IMPACT’ has slammed John Cena again.

The internet went agog last week on the report of Tyrus’ response to a fan online, whose display name was “JohnCenaFan” when the individual reportedly commend Tyrus on his activities so far. Tyrus replied saying, “Cena sucks.” It was also reported that Tyrus scandalously said on a shoot question that the only thing differentiating PN News and John Cena was a push.

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Today, Tyrus has once again given John Cena a hot blow of words. In a video Tyrus released today, he is seen discussing with his mother when someone who is either supposed to be Cena or a huge Cena mark appears at his door. This is being considered by fans as a hot blow on John Cena’s face. What is Cena going to do about Tyrus’ vilification is a question that still troubles not just the media but also WWE fans in general.

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