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We could say this for WWE as well as any other professional wrestling promotion, surely. The main questions set for consideration are, “What does a good stable consists? What are the secrets? What are the key elements?

We made a research and came out with this report on Paige. See details below:

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A dominant leader is a must, someone who steers the group forward whilst commanding the respect of both his peers and the brand’s fans. Solid foundations below that are also important, as are creative and captivating storylines.

When it comes to the new League of Nations stable that was put together on Raw this week, the jury is probably still out on a few of those elements, but there’s another thing that can be done to make the group more well-rounded.

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Another key aspect of a good stable can also be some female input from time to time, which would give the group a chance to cast a net of total domination over the WWE.

And if the group is going to get a female member, then it simply has to be Paige.

Sure, there are other non-American Divas who could potentially be used, such as Becky Lynch or even Natalya. But given how Paige is in the midst of a big run as a heel right now, she’s the smartest and arguably most exciting choice.

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WWE has clearly put a lot of its trust in Paige and Charlotte to spearhead the Divas division for the next few months, with Paige’s turn being the only real thing of note to happen in the division lately.

No matter what storyline she is given, she seems to thrive and stand out as a real talent amongst her competition. Her in-ring ability is rarely questioned, and she is one of the more versatile Divas on the roster.

Even this past Monday on Raw, Paige wasn’t directly involved in the in-ring action. She was on commentary for Charlotte’s bout against Lynch, and after her entertaining spell with Michael Cole and company, she was in a segment backstage in which she seemed to be attempting to cause a split between Charlotte and Lynch.

It seems likely that Paige will be involved in a Divas Championship match again at WWE TLC, and it would be great to see the influence of The League of Nations get involved and bring Paige into the group.

Have her bout with Charlotte reach a thrilling conclusion before footage flashes up backstage of Ric Flair being mercilessly attacked by Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and King Barrett.

Charlotte would clearly be distracted by this, allowing Paige to knock her down, hit her with the PTO and make her submit in controversial fashion.

Paige would get plenty of heat from the crowd for the cheap win before that heat is elevated even further when Sheamus comes out, snatches the belt from the referee and hands her the Divas Championship. Out comes the rest of The League of Nations, holding Paige aloft and celebrating to complete her addition to the stable.

And from there, Paige could become one of the most revered and feared Divas on the roster. She could win match after match thanks to interference from her stablemates, earning the backing of The Authority along the way as its handpicked Diva.

This would intensify the rivalry between Paige and Charlotte even more and actually let Charlotte get some pretty good momentum as a babyface.

She’s struggled at times given the inevitable comparisons between her and her father, so this could be the spark for a real intense, physical rivalry between the two.

There is no doubting that Paige has the potential to be one of the most interesting and unpredictable heels the Divas division has seen for a long time. There’s also a good chance that The League of Nations could be a really good stable moving forward.

Putting Paige in there, however, could be the thing that really takes it to the next level.


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