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The local hospital that had taken Shane McMahon into custody after his fall to The Undertaker at the Wrestlemania gave medical reports concerning his gradual convalescence. But the relentless Shane suddenly appeared on Monday Night Raw and just in time for a real surprise.


With his bruises still visible all over his face and with the show just about beginning, Shane marched out and thanked his father who was already there for the opportunity to fight again.

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He also thanked his fans for their support all through his time in the hospital recuperating.


The standing order was that if Shane wants to have control of Monday Night Raw, he would need to win his match with the undertaker. If undertaker lost, he would never fight in a Wrestlemania again. Undertaker sent him to the hospital on a stretcher.


Shane said, “What you gave me, I’m so thankful. Thank you very, very much”. As Shane was about to exit, Vince called him back and said, “I’ve often wondered how nonsensical it would be if you were running Monday Night Raw. So tell you what we’re going to do… Just to prove my point. Alright let’s see what you’ve got! C’mon go!”with that he went into the crowd and had Shane run the show for the night.

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A startled Shane looked on as the crowd cheered loudly about the decision!