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Wrestling Observer Radio has just reported today that the former WWE Divas Champions, Nikki Bella’s injury is real and factual except that the Rack Attack side of the story may have something to do with the Total Divas storyline.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE Diva Nikki Bella is likely going to return to the squared ring around the end of January. The source detailed that Nikki visited neurologists recently and the medical experts told her that the “bulging discs in her neck” is still there.

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Additionally, stated that the WWE Diva Of The Year was told to still carry on with her rehab for another seven weeks to enable them determine the full nature of the injury as well as ascertain if she would possibly need to opt for surgery or not.

Meanwhile, in another department, there are arguments that Nikki’s injury is just part of Total Divas storyline which will ultimately culminated in 2016 where the former Divas Champion will be hitting back at the current WWE Divas Champions Charlotte in WrestleMania 32.

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Well, that shouldn’t be given the better half of the cake as the Wrestling Observer Radio has reported today that Bella’s injury is real and actual except that there might be something more about the Rack Attack portion of the story which might have something to do with Total Divas.