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Nikki Bella’s mother accused Nikki of cheating on John Cena

There have been many words around the corridor that WWE Total Divas Star Nikki Bella could be cheating on John Cena but no one has been able to pin it at her.

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Earlier Cena said he neither want kids nor marriage from Nikki but no one knows why. However he eventually engaged her at WrestleMania 34 and since there they have been talking wedding.

As the wedding plans and updates boots across the internet via-a-vis the WWE family, word is that Cena is seeing another man, possibly confirming what has been everyone’s suspicion.

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella is helping her brother J.J. Garcia who has an issue with his beloved wife, Lauren Garcia leading to separation of the couple.

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As things tumble up and down, J.J. happens to walk by in a towel while Nikki is facetiming their mom, and she may have put two and two together and thought Nikki was cheating. Nikki’s mother is quite unhappy with the situation and she has told Nikki as much; that Nikki is cheating on John Cena.

Uh-oh. When Brie confronts her sister about the accusation, she is forced to breakdown and tell her the truth about the “mystery man” she was hiding. “JJ asked me if he could move in,” Nikki reveals. “Him and Lauren are separated.”