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Brie Bella’s date gradually approaches and each day now give rise to what she would do during and after labour.

Brie has revealed that she would want everyone to see her put to bed her first child. This idea was supported ultimately by her husband, Daniel Bryan.

During an interview with E! News, Brie said that she would want cameras to be following her “all the way to labor,” and this simply indicated that fans will have to see her give birth to her first child, Birdy Joe Danielson. She said:

“It’s insane cause at first I was like…I don’t know you hear women want to beat up everyone in the hospital room as it is, I can’t imagine having the cameras in there,”

“I feel like it would be really neat, all of my audience and my entire fan base and the Bella Army have seen me get engaged on TV, they’ve seen me get married on TV,” Brie explains. “And I thought what the heck; why not see me give birth on TV.”

The former Bella Twins tag team member and her husband — Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan — announced that they will name their baby girl Birdie Joe in this month’s issue of Fit Pregnancy. Not only is their daughter’s name adorable, but it also has a very special meaning to the couple and their family.

“Her middle name is after my grandfather — his name was Joseph, and he meant the world to me,” the mama-to-be said. “Birdie is because my husband and his whole family are B’s. And he married me, a B too, so his one request was that our kids have B names.”

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