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This is what really happened between Chris Jericho and referee Charles Robinson on RAW.

There was a scary incident on RAW this week during the Jericho vs. Neville match after Jericho gave Neville an injury which was later diagnosed to be a broken ankle and a shinbone.

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Charles Robinson the referee didn’t end the match and did his job by stopping the pin on seeing Neville’s shoulder up at 2, even though Jericho had told him earlier to end the match after he rolled up Neville.

This got Jericho angry and he went on to argue with the referee saying that Neville was hurt and that he wants the match ended, the referee was pushed to the wall and he had to disqualify and eventually close the match.

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Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer notes, the ref didn’t find it funny, neither did the others who were watching. However, the whole died down once they went backstage after the match was brought to a close. It was a day indeed!