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Is The WWE now trying to do the much-needed revamp to Roman Reigns

This week, Roman Reigns returned to RAW and released his frustration by beating down Triple H. Reigns, changed his usual way of entering into the ring, instead of coming through the audience, he made his way down the ramp.

WWE may be giving Reigns an identity of his own which will be almost the same to that of the cases of Seth Rolling and Dean Ambrose

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Reigns changed style of entrance got the audience wondering, but it was as a result of fury and frustration. This made him dealt mercilessly with Triple H.

However, report revealed that the likely reason why WWE decided to give Reigns entrance a chance could be nothing short of WWE’s grand WrestleMania entrance for the Samoan Superman or possibly to prevent excited fans from throwing substances at him while he walks through the crowded audience. Of course, it has happened several times already.

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Well, let’s see how things turn out for him in the days ahead, for the now, Reigns is set to face Triple H at WrestleMania 32 and the favor-ability ladder already ticks him the winner of the match. Do you agree with that?