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While in the company, he had made for himself a name among the many superstars that has been produced over the years. Then circumstances could no more bear his responsibilities.

CM Punk was also a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 2011 saw Punk rise to the top of his career as a pro wrestler in the WWE, competing with John Cena. Then he became dissatisfied with the way WWE handled him. He left in 2014, and signed up with Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC.

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Now reports say that CM Punk is returning to the WWE on Shane McMahon’s bill. And this is credited to his recorded prowess in the ring. He is to battle The Undertaker in a match that will fix the choice of the WWE leadership for many years to come.

The WWE fans are clamoring for a Punk Comeback, and this may be a way for Shane to get back at his father for fixing him against The Undertaker. Besides Punk would be a worthy opponent of The Undertaker.