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Is pressure on her to enlist in a real fight?

The Diva has been with the company a few years now, but has no interest in any real fight with anyone. Lana has enjoyed protection from the WWE big-time. Seeing her in a fight can and will be a very rare happenstance for the fans.

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Lana has a few times gotten rough in the ring, but never really in a fight. Now she is picking on Brie Bella, which has prompted the company to set up a Tag Team fight to involve 8 Divas. There will be two teams- “Team Bella vs Team Lana.

Getting her in a match is a big pull-off because Lana does not much work. And she is netting hate for interrupting a fight between Summer Rae and Rusev. She also leaked an info about a match to the press which did not bring her a lot of smiles from the WWE audience (Wrestling Observer).

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In the 8-Diva match, reports say it is very much unwise to have made Lana a Captain, seeing she’s never had a real fight. And this may prove real tough for her other team mates.