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The former Former United States Champion who was released in 2010 due to a violation of the WWE Wellness Program and refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility for a reported addiction to pain killers is set to return back to the WWE’s fold.

The return of ex-employees is now the order of the day in the WWE. The last year has seen two big returns. One is the Dudley Boyz, which happened a year ago.

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Another is the return of Shane McMahon, the son of CEO Vince McMahon, two weeks. This was welcomed by shock from the WWE audience. Several other names have cropped up also.

Carlito has been reported to be on his way back to the WWE for years now, but he recently only said publicly that he “is healthy and ready to make a comeback.” What was rumors about seven months ago, seems to be back on the lips of WWE fans.

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Wrestling Inc. says Carlito has expressed a desire to return but, “the ball is now in their court.” He has, oddly, been loyal to the WWE even though he stopped working for them in 2010.

This ex-employee of the WWE has wrestled on an individual platform, but he never went into contract with another wrestling company, such as Ring of Honor, TNA, or any other.