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Shane McMahon Leaves The Company Again…. A Slip May Send Him Packing Earlier Than Expected….

He may give in to the old bull’s expectation of his loss in this power fight.

The wrestling world was at a standstill when the Boss’s son returned some weeks ago, and fans were excited expecting to see top-of-the-scale action. So far their hopes for any such seem dashed.

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The WWE audience is no more excited by that, normalcy has returned to the company. By’s judgment, Shane McMahon was to comment on his sister’s speech laden with anger at the last RAW.

Is Shane bowing to a fear that he might not defeat the Undertaker in the match that has been dubbed a Power-Match? A promo failed to air in which Shane tells Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to leave the WWE or prepare to be humiliated out.

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Maybe Vince McMahon wants to send the young bull out without hassles. Fans should keep their fingers crossed, the WWE can still spring up shocks that will outlast WrestleMania 32.