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WWE Creative may have been stretched beyond their limits in the last few weeks as touching top stars and their WrestleMania 32 opponents.

WWE behind the scene has info about Sting making a comeback in WrestleMania 32 to the ring. Now the company seems to enjoy throw surprises at its fans, and the wrestling world at large.

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Reports about a Sting return began circulating press headlines before even the Shane McMahon’s return came up. Sting vs the Undertaker, is the in-thing now in WWE. And going by the stunts the company has pulled in the last few days, they may make it happen.

A second possibility is Sting facing John Cena, but fans will hit a sudden roadblock here since Cena personally announced his absence at WrestleMania 32.

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A fight with Bray Wyatt can also be considered. Bray Wyatt may then be another big profit-making match for the WWE, since the Wyatts are to fight in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.