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Having done all to stay alive, it was just so sad to announce that she couldn’t make it, she died. The Diva who has paved way for all other Divas in the WWE was reported dead. The death has become a year now and will thought it wise to bring this as a remembrance to you.

When Chyna was found dead on April 20, 2016, the WWE rushed to pay tribute to the woman who blazed a trail for the Divas and other one-name-only stars to come.

Billed in the 1990s as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” by what was then the World Wrestling Federation, Chyna achieved a new level of fame in that viscerally intense yet over-the-top and theatrically staged phenomenon that is professional wrestling. So of course her fellow stars, her former employer and many fans were heartbroken by the loss.

But Chyna, who was born Joanie Marie Laurer and had also wrestled under the monikers Chyna Doll, Joanie Lee and Just Joanie, hadn’t been in a ring for five years—and she hadn’t been the queen of the wrestling world since the turn of the century.

In between, Chyna became far more famous for her troubles, for outrageous interviews, for doing porn, for her slurring appearances on reality TV. Because just as easy as it was to remember her greatness and star power once she was gone, so it was easy enough to forget about her or treat her as a fallen-star spectacle while she was still here.