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How painful would it be when someone you love and trust breaks your heart? Well, this is quite common with our contemporary women as the male counterparts keep doing it to them again and again.

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Generally, one key thing that breaks relationships of any form is insincerity; when one partner is not truthful or keys certain secrets from his/her partner.

WWE Diva Alicia Fox has suffered the same fate lately, leading to her second break up. The scenario was that, Alicia Fox wouldn’t go on with the relationship again after she discovered Darryl Wayne Welch, her dear sweetheart lied to her.

A Lie Can Break Any Relation!

Victoria Elizabeth Crawford is an American actress and model. However she is known by her ring name Alicia Fox, which she got after signing to WWE. In 2014, she starred American reality series ‘Total Divas.’ The African American diva is very secretive when it comes to her private life.

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But as nothing is hiding under the sun, we came to know certain parts of her life which neither the WWE camera nor other outlets have been able to capture conspicuously. In 2016, Fox starred Total Divas where she was seen accosting her man, Darryl Wayne Welch. Fox was dating Darryl Wayne Welch and the relationship came to an end when Fox caught Darryl’s lie.

Then she confronted her man dealing about the lie about his age.

Caption: Alicia Fox caught her boyfriend’s lie (Published on February 9, 2016).

That ended up after; Fox got the truth then, disheartening leaves Darryl.

Her previous Relation!

Previously, she was found dating Wrestler Wade Barrett. They started dating since 2010, but after two years of dating, they broke up in 2012.

Caption: Alicia Fox confronts her ex-boyfriend (Published on February 15, 2016).

Later, Fox confronts her ex-boyfriend. She stated,

“I feel like you broke my heart and I feel like I don’t want to look at you anymore”

Wade in a good way answers her, saying;

“We’ve been friends before we started dating. We dated, we had a good time. It’s not like we broke on bad note.”
He further added,

“No break ups can be good. “