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Undertaker And Brock Lesnar

Undertaker And Brock Lesnar

Many bouts have been rocking the air on the announcement for the 2015 edition of WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per view, but the much-awaited event will be a contest between Undertaker and Lesnar. It would be stormy, bloody and horrible, that is, if we are going by their previous records.

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Of all options set for booking by WWE Creative for the Hell in a Cell combat, all eyes are on Lesnar and the match is going to be the hottest in the history of PPV. Lesnar is set to beat Undertaker without much trouble, which will actually cause a prevailing run towards the spectator area. That is, irrespective of who Lesnar is combating with, Lesnar will likely come out victorious — beating Undertaker with a landslide victory will add to the fun of Hell in a Cell match, according to speculations by WWE fans.

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Bu we will like to state that any one is open to win the match; after all in the last couple of years, Undertaker has won Lesnar and vice-versa. Yes, just a winner must emerge in this terrible combat, anyone could be!

However, Undertaker at his golden age has lowered the rate of his show time and Lesnar has also brought his schedule to the minimal but still likely to emerge as the winner. Each of them will have enough time to prove himself but the tougher will have an upper hand at the end.

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Kane’s music will roll on air as soon as Undertaker shows up on stage – the time is ticking.


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