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The WWE United State Superstar John Cena has publicly come out to challenge anyone out of the WWE champions to face him in a tough battle at the tonight’s Hell In a Cell match. Speculation among the wrestling lovers has it that the NTX Superstar Samoa Joe may possibly come out to answer to John Cena’s challenge by facing him in the Hell In a Cell combat tonight but no details about that yet.

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According to the report gathered, Samoa Joe is currently in Sacramento, California for The NXT show at the Aftershock which is just a stone’s throw away.

With this at hand, sources from WWE crews have debunked the rumor that James Storm, Tyler Breeze as well as Joe would be the ones to stage John Cena tonight.

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Speculation also has it that Breeze will face Ziggler while Sheamus takes up John Cena in the WWE live show for Cena’s comeback on the Boxing Day.

In another trending rumor, Daniel is said to be in Los Angeles and might have been cleared to return. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates.

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