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In a Podcast recently released by the media, it is crystal clear that the return of Hulk Hogan is imminent.
The superstar left the company two years ago after a sex scandal involving his adult tape went viral online which revealed the racist comment he made about his Brooke’s boyfriend.

The WWE is set to pull yet another mind blowing crowd as another season of interesting shows is here for the company. This is because clear evidence has shown that the company has treated all files and documents to bring back the mighty Hulk Hogan to the ring.

That was when the gridlock started between him and the company that many believed almost ruined his career, it got so bad for him that the WWE removed any mention of his name and merchandise from its

Then, all announcers and commentators were strictly warned of not mentioning his name or anything that has to do with him both on TV and live shows. What a mess!

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If you have been following the trends of the WWE, you’ll discover that the name has not only been mentioned but has become the company’s anthem for their recent live matches.

On two different editions of “Bring it to the table”, his name was mentioned and report has it that the WWE has decided to bury the hatchet and talk peace with the Hall of Famer.

The WWE in its just concluded European tour, a sample edition of the latest WWE Kids Magazine was given to children in all the shows. It is surprising that the Magazine came with a two-sided poster with many of WWE legends both past and present and Hulk Hogan was not excluded.

Another shocker of the story is that the poster mainly featured Hogan himself. This could be the biggest indication to date that the Hulkster’s return is imminent.

No doubts it is high time the WWE settle the matter amicably with Hulk Hogan to bring him back to the ring because he has been greatly missed by all.