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The media recently reported that Viper was persuaded to be in the 32-Women “Mae Young Classic” women’s debut.

This is a never to be missed show because Viper was at the last World of Sport taping that was broadcasted live on ITV last December, so if she had a valid ITV contract, she wouldn’t have been approached for the tournament.

This might however be a way of bringing back the WOS project to life, if Viper has a different kind of contract or if WWE maintains the status qou that the wrestlers cannot have valid ITV contracts since there has been no movement on the project.

Recall that it was announced earlier that the World of Sport strikes a deal with with Anthem last March to bring WOS Wrestling back to ITV, which is the #2 network in the UK, with an initial commission for a 10-part series.

Which were booked to tape television this month, but the tapings were later written off.

It has now been revealed that people close to the World of Sport situation have said that the ITV contract remains a valid one. They are said to be considering several options to work with, with one being working with Impact, it will however take a little while.

The “Mae Young Classic” tournament will be aired on Thursday, July 13th and Friday, July 14th at Full Sail University. Tickets went on sale this past Friday. Let’s see how the event unfolds.