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Popular WWE Superstar has just announced that he has broken up with WWE Diva Summer Rae. He made this known matter-of-factly during an interview with SyFy roughly three nights ago.

Tyler Breeze was speaking three days ago, on SmackDown’s last episode for 2015 when he let the cat out of the bag but that wasn’t what WWE fans were expecting owing to the fact that the two lovebirds have been rocking in love for a pretty while now.

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We thought Breeze would mention the reason why he’s breaking up with Summer Rae, rather why they are calling their relationship quit but he never need. We tried some sources to see if we could come out with something but nothing substantial came forth except for the video WWE released which Renee Young — who Breeze always refers to as “Rich”.

In the video we were able to get a message which could be the most likely reason why the break up occurred. It reads: “I want to get back to my roots. “
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Having asterisked that, we pictured the career graph of Breeze who recording more successes during his days in NXT than when he was moved to the main roster. The upward movement occurred around November last year and we thought it to be a blessing. Only to see how Breeze has falling deep in the favorability ladder. He seems like someone who is lost in the crowd; who has no bearing; no definite direction – similar to a ship dancing in the ocean without compass.

But the big question now is whether Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae are on the verge of beginning a new relationship.