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A report has just crept in revealing the pregnancy details of the 36-year old former model, ring announcer and reality star Rosa Mendes in relation to WWE, where she is currently signed to.
It was Natala who actually opened up and said quite a few things about how WWE supports and encourages Rosa even as she is pregnant.

Natala went to Digital Spy for the promotion of WWE Total Divas return as the New Year breaks and somehow as she was speaking she revealed what WWE is doing concerning Rosa Mendes’ pregnancy.

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Natalya was asked to comment on the implication of having a pregnant Diva in the house and how that seems to affect other Divas.

Natalya said:

“It’s good because it’s added a whole new layer to Total Divas that we’ve never seen before. The fact that she’s doing something that’s a first ever for our show is cool and I think it will bring a lot of interest to the viewers.”

“It’s cool – it shows that WWE is celebrating women that are of every walk of life. The company is really embracing Rosa’s pregnancy which is a huge testament to WWE embracing not only diversity but also supporting women.”

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Well, in case you are one of those who still doesn’t know much about the pregnancy of Rosa and who the father of the baby is, then you may need these details. Rosa currently has a boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski, who also doubles as the father of her baby.

They began their relationship roughly seven months ago after Rosa came out from the heartbreak and torture that came from her past relationships especially her relationship with former WWE wrestler Andy Slocum. The two parted ways in 2012 after the latter assaulted her and left her scrambling in the relationship.

When Rosa got her new boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski it was a thing of joy and the two decided to seal their relationship with a baby. Hence, the pregnancy came forth.