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WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose is reportedly leaving WWE owing to frustration and poor booking, has learnt.

Add Dean Ambrose to the growing list of names rumored to have requested their release amid reports of being unhappy with their current role. Wade Keller of PWTorch is reporting that the top star and former Shield member has given his notice to the company.

For those keeping score, Dean Ambrose, Mike and Maria Kanellis, The Revival and Dolph Ziggler have all been linked to rumors and various reports of possibly moving on. Reading between the tea leaves suggests Sasha Banks and Tye Dillinger are not thrilled with their lot in WWE either.

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Last week, it was reported top star Ronda Rousey was on her way out of WWE, although it is believed she’d be doing so to start a family rather than out of frustration. Frustration could play a factor, however, in a possible Rousey departure if the trend of fans booing the Raw women’s champion continues.

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With a crowded locker room, in addition to hundreds stashed away in WWE’s Performance Center, WWE has a thankless job of keeping its performers happy amid limited TV time. Though WWE has more content than ever, the coveted five hours between Raw and SmackDown Live simply isn’t enough to placate its talent-rich roster, especially with an extremely finite number of slots for a top star.

Since returning, Dean Ambrose was undercut by yet another snake-bitten Shield reunion as Roman Reigns was forced to take a leave of absence to battle his returning leukemia. Ambrose promptly turned heel, where he failed to click with the audience through an array of ill-advised promos about hygiene, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns’ leukemia.

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It just never quite worked out for Ambrose or Rollins in what was supposed to be a highly emotional blood feud. Instead, their grudge match endured chants of “this is boring” at WWE TLC where Ambrose won the Intercontinental Championship with little fanfare.

For Ambrose, maybe it is time for a change. It’s unknown what the future holds for the former WWE champion, and while AEW will not be a safe house for any and all disgruntled WWE talent, it has to be considered a possibility for Ambrose. Given Ambrose’s stature as a top star for years, he would be an intriguing free-agent signing to any pro wrestling company.

Until then, Ambrose could have a rough go of it during what could be his final WrestleMania season.