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It is so sad to announce the death of yet another WWE legend. This is an addition to much other legend that has passed away and it is very regretful. So sad indeed! It looks like the death world is being increased by the passing away of WWE Legends.

It is reported that legend Gypsy Joe has passed away due to heart attack. Joe was a renown wrestler who has spent over 50 years in his career and he has won tremendous prizes, belts and trophies. It revealed that Joe’s real name is Gilberto Melendez.

The legend Gilberto Melendez’s death touched lots of persons and there have been tweets by some many of them. Example of some tweets is posted below.

Regarding to this death, Gilberto Melendez’s son said these words on the squared circle reddit:

“My heart is heavy as I type this post. My dad desperately wanted to be involved and back around the wrestling community in some capacity. He poured his entire life into the sport. If any of you loved true wrestling ( before the big markets took over and it became a soap opera ) you would recognize him as Gypsy Joe.

Some of you know he has struggled with his health since 2012. On June 4th he was taken to Centennial ER,shortly after that he was admitted to ICU . Yesterday he started his final battle and at 12:55 am this morning he went peacefully to be with the Lord.
Dad your chains are broke and you have been set free.”

Alas! A great tree has fallen. This is painful, very painful