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There have been stories of the return of various superstars to the ring. This has made the WWE to regain her pride because the superstars who did returned were top stars and fans favorite such as John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

The WWE superstar Neville will definitely be returning to the ring next week after being off air due to the ankle injury which he did sustained during his match against Chris Jericho on the March 14th episode of RAW. Reports states that Neville is returning to kick off from where he stopped with Jericho, that is to say, his feud against Jericho continues.

It is revealed that Neville was debuted into the WWE main rooster last march and after his debut, he faced Seth Rollins who was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion then but unfortunately to Neville he lost the match. In the records of Neville, his greatest feud had been, his match against Stardust whom he beat hands down with the aid of ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell.

More so, Benjamin Satterley well known as Neville has been a champion all this while. His promotions include Pro Wrestling Guerilla, TNA and NJPW before signing with WWE and debuting in NXT in 2012. Neville had to defeat Bo Dallas and won the NXT Championship in 2014.

Finally, Neville’s return to the ring will definitely set him up as it will pave way for him to gain more and more titles and trophies just as he has always done for the past since his career as a professional wrestler TNA, NJPW and also in the WWE. The 29-year-old was also NXT’s inaugural tag team champion. He is the only NXT superstar who has won the tag team titles and the NXT championship. This is indeed a great achievement for him.