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It has just been announced that another superstar has been pulled from all upcoming event shows. This serves as a severe punishment for him and a note of warning to all other talents in the company as well, because simple misbehavior can cause you your career.

Dave Meltzer reporting in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, said that Alberto Del Rio has been removed from all upcoming WWE Shows including those after his 30-day suspension is up. This could indicate that Del Rio has already made the decision to exercise his out clause and take his leave from the massive professional wrestling promotion once again.

It has been reported long before now that Alberto Del Rio was suspended together with his real live girlfriend, Paige due to the violation of the WWE Wellness policy which is meant to last for 30 days. It is also revealed that Del Rio may leave the WWE this October once his contract with the company expires.

There are a few options for Del Rio once he leaves the WWE, including longtime wrestling promotion TNA which is currently under new ownership in the form of Billy Corgan after former President Dixie Carter has found herself on the way out of the company.

More so, Albeto Del Rio could also return to the new up-and-coming Lucha Underground promotion which he was briefly signed to during his hiatus from the WWE. He would be returning to his fellow WWE alumni such as John Morrison and Rey Mysterio. A return to Lucha Underground would also be a very enticing one given the amount of potential the young promotion has.