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It is indeed clear that the WWE is a no man’s world and anything is bound to happen in the beauty of the strategic plans of the either the boss or other top officials in the press.

Not long ago we reported the pulling of Alberto Del Rio from all upcoming event shows. Currently, Alberto Del Rio is facing a 30 days punishment for violating the company’s wellness policy and it even seems that the suspension might exceed 30 days because he may decide not to return again since his contract will soon be over.

More so, at first, when Alberto Del Rio was presented to the WWE Universe, he was groomed to be one of the biggest heels on the SmackDown roster. Feuds with Christian and Rey Mysterio further boosted his status on the roster, and he won the only 40-man Royal Rumble match in 2011.

Furthermore, Del Rio was away from WWE for a little over a year before, again, immediately making waves by entering as a mystery opponent in John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, cleanly defeating Cena in a relatively short amount of time to win the United States Championship. This meteoric return did not last long, as WWE split him from another manager, Zeb Colter, and he was left trying to maintain a strong character on his own.

Well, with the ongoing, one can simply say that WWE wants to return the former champion to where he came from because it has not clocked a year since he return and now he is on his way out once his contract expires. This is indeed frustrating.