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SEScoops as well as have reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has suspended another popular Professional wrestler for behavioral issue.

What really happened was this, during the last Monday night RAW, Titus O’Neil intentionally grabbed Vince’s arm and that was unacceptable so long as Vince was concerned.

Vince didn’t like it; didn’t like the manners – didn’t like the way it was done. Titus O’Neil grabbed Vince’s arm in such a way that seemed he was meaning to hug him or something that could have taken the same shape. Hence, he was suspended for unprofessional conduct. reports it with these words, “Titus O’Neil has been suspended by WWE for unprofessional conduct and was sent home when he arrived at Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings from Portland, OR”

According to those from the WWE table who are privy of the matter, Vince did call for the suspension because Titus O’Neil’s action was unbecoming. Therefore, the suspension was meant to checkmate him and prevent a future recurrence

We shall bring you more updates soon….