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Another WWE Hall of Fame hospitalized after a severe fall as detailed below

Since 2002, Booby Heena was diagnosed with throat cancer. Heena is an announcer and commentator of the WWE he has become a Hall of Famer. Recently, it was reported that Heena was rushed to the hospital after a terrible fall.

The report stated it clearly that it is not the first fall of this legend but rather, the fourth which has caused him some fractures both in his hip and shoulder.

Regarding to his fall and injury, a fellow Hall of Fame member by the name Gene Okerlund wrote about this on social media. It didn’t ended there anyways, Heena is well known for his ring features he is known as a fluent speaker.

The fall was so severe that he may be staying so long in the hospital. All the same, we hope he just come out of the illness sooner than later. Heena’s wife Cynthia talked about the illness and his admission in the hospital saying, “Doctors are going keep Bobby for couple of days because his blood pressure is so low”. Wow, what a fate!