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After all said and done, the WWE has finally announced the ‘tell all’ podcast which will be taking place on Monday the 23rd of may which is just few weeks later. It has been revealed that the podcast will have Shane McMahon in interview with Mick Foley talking about his return to WWE and his plans as well.

Shane McMahon left the company for over six years only to return one day and make the request to control the WWE Company. Shane returned and interrupted his father while giving an award to his sister Stephanie McMahon.

Shane’s request was granted but with the condition of him, winning The Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell match of the WrestleMania 32. Shane did not win the match anyway, but he was still granted a chance to control a show in the company.

At the recent Payback, Vince McMahon gave Shane and Stephanie McMahon the privilege to be controlling RAW. This honor indeed is the dreams of fans come true. Anyway, 23rd is not that far, so, let’s wait and hear what Shane will be discussing with Mick Foley.