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The end of Ryback from the WWE is now hitting the internet harder than before especially as there seems to be no definite point between Ryback and the WWE CEO.

The case came to be like this; Ryback made a note earlier that he was unhappy with the way his bookings have been going – he complained of being under-used or being kept off TV and crowned it all when he hinted that he wouldn’t mind changing boat.

Now is reporting that the “Big Guy” may have done his last match at Payback in Chicago. Noting that the way Ryback had been going around with this contract thing might spell his end in the company. As a matter of fact, it’s now rumored that Ryback may be among the next batch of stars to be released from the company.

Before the curtain is drawn on this matter, it’s worthy to note that Ryback was summoned into Vince McMahon’s office after he walked out of RAW but their discussion didn’t go down well; the two sides were very far from reaching a common ground, Wrestling Observer Radio reported.

Hence, it’s fitting to join our voice with the voice of who has reported Ryback Payback match at Chicago might be his very last in the company.