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Triple H ascends to greater height in his wrestling career

The WWE is indeed proud about the most stayed superstar in the company Triple H. Triple H has joined the company for over twenty five years now and it seems that he is still not done yet.

Triple H is a long time wrestler in the WWE and he is only making tremendous progress every now and then. His career with the company is only getting better and brighter, and this has been the reason why every one in the company just can’t stop loving and hailing him.

Fortunately, Triple H has been privileged to wrestle in almost all kinds of matches the WWE has ever introduced to the company. He has wrestled in main events at several WrestleManias, for this, many people would think that he has come to his verge where he will hang his boot. So shocking, Triple H seems not done yet, he is aiming higher in his career.

It has been revealed that HHH will be showing up on this week’s RAW, and you know what? This week’s RAW will mark the 21st anniversary of the legend Triple H and to crown it all, he is still in his best shape. That is, he has not depreciated, he is still strong and hearty to press on.