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The Undertaker is a name which everyone will always recall when it comes to the field of wrestling at large. Taker has made name in such a way that even fellow wrestlers hail him. Some even calls him the lord of the ring.

It is really confusing relaying the retirement of The Undertaker now because many persons thought that he has retired for quite a long time now. Yes! It is worth wondering because the Undertaker was once seen telling people backstage that the match with Shane McMahon at the WrestleMania 32 will definitely be his last.

The Undertaker was pulled from various event of the UK tour because of this and ever since the WrestleMania 32, he has not been seen in the ring and this has kept many people asking, has he retired?

Not quite long, we heard that The Undertaker had told the boss Vince McMahon that his career has ended. But would Vince let him go? Vince is equally planning a big match for The Undertaker at the WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, but the legend will have to rest for a very long time before the event.

So, regarding to the retirement of The Undertaker, Jim Ross quenched the rumor of the retirement by asking and at the time answering this, he said; “Don’t you think that if the Undertaker had retired from WWE that would have all known about it? Taker is not retired.”

This is fact indeed and it is to be believed, The Undertaker is still in the field and we hope to see him perform sooner than later.