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The retirement of Vince McMahon is just around the corners despite the fact that the business mogul has been heavy about it; retirement is something he nearly never wanted but for how long can he push that aside – age tells on everyone who live long enough.

That being said, a new leadership is bound the take unto the mantle of the company in order to ensure the continuation of the business — that gives rooms for Stephanie McMahon, and her husband, pro-wrestling legend Triple H to come onboard.

Stephanie McMahon has been trained well enough by her father over the years and she has held several positions, including been part of WWE’s creative team for more than ten years now, Executive Vice President of Creative Development Operations since 2007 and currently WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

While her husband Triple H is primarily in-charge of talent relations and so far, fans have been satisfied with his storylines and general submissions.

So Vince McMahon’s seems to be leaving the company in safe hands; although he won’t entirely give over the keys to them. No, he would now take the function of an adviser and still remain at the top level of WWE’s board of Directors vis-à-vis the majority owner of the company.

Hence, PWInsider has reported that the company is trying to use Stephanie McMahon memoir to promote her into the throne as the book talks about her contributions to the company, her life-long challenges and finding her dream career as a top manager of the company among other things.

So the book tour is theoretically meant to shoot her up, a sort of a promotion for her to take over the company. While there be an argument on who’s most suitable between her and her brother Shane McMahon, report says that the 70-years-old father has prepared Stephanie for long to take after him whenever the bell finally rings.

Yes, Shane may not entirely give away the company just like that, he would possibly return for a major role in the company some day but for now, he doesn’t want to stay.

Consequently, Vince is not forcing anything on his 46-year-old son, he’s given him the room to leave if he so wishes.