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WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte was used and dumped by WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and now he is doing the emotional thing with Paige who he has consider as the real one.

The real-life relationship between the former United States Champion and former WWE Women’s Champion could be dated back to WrestleMania 32 even though the confirmation only crossed our screens about a week ago.

Reports revealed that the two Divas, Charlotte and Paige are somewhat unhappy with things – resulting to a sort of malice between them. This took its bearing from the base where Ric Flair’s daughter has been pictured as nothing but one who had a fling with Del Rio while Paige worth more than that, obviously.

Hence, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has caught the spirit in the air in the game between Charlotte and Paige through Del Rio and has decided to turn it into a powerful storyline – yes, he wants to want to exploit the entire situation in favor of the company; he always does such, you know.

Yes, it’s no news that the CEO loves setting people together onscreen when they have backstage tension because it goes over well on WWE programming. According to report, the CEO has instructed the WWE Creative to do some work and come up with some crazy ideas for this storyline.

As the story develops from backstage to WWE programming, Alberto Del Rio may not win in the rivalry thing between Charlotte and Paige as he’s seen as a player who used both women, especially Charlotte, who is the current WWE Women’s Champion.

What made the story sort of complex is because nothing emotional has been heard of Charlotte ever since he she divorced her TNA husband Thomas “Bram” on 10/29. So a dating thing with Del Rio is just sort of absurd. However, the 30-year old female pro wrestler, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is yet to either confirm or deny being in a relationship with Del Rio for just a short period of time.

Keep you posted should any information crops up.