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The WWE Company has really grown as one of the biggest wrestling entertainment company with different kinds of shows to keep fans happy when ever in the show venue. The company has become so known as her superstars is doing great as well.

According to report, during an interview by Jonathan Coachman on ESPN’s WWE off the Top Rope, Chris Jericho discussed his involvement in the formation of the Money in the Bank match. Ever since the creation of the match, it has grown to become one of the biggest match in the WWE with different kinds of matches attached.

One of the biggest event matches in the WWE is the Money in the Bank match and it is revealed that the whole idea of the match was the initiative of Chris Jericho and this was to have a title shot, but it later turned out to be the briefcase match. Jericho, remembered his match at the Money in the Bank in 2012 and everything that happened on that day.

Those that witnessed the match testified that it was really a great match. Revealing his experience, Jericho said, “, I was hanging on for my dear life by holding just the briefcase and not having any ladder under him. I remembered how close the briefcase was to slipping before I could get on a ladder”.