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If top WWE diva champions and fans favorites are to be mentioned, the names of the Bella twin would not be in exemption.

Nikki and Brie has worked so very hare to the extent that WWE cannot just do without them around the company.

It is revealed that a conflict recently broke out between sisters and it almost caused them their relationships as blood or biological sister. The controversy all started While Nikki and Brie was driving together, Nikki asks Brie about her “dream home.” Brie and Bryan want to build a 2000 square foot house, but Brie’s family thinks it should be larger.

When Nikki presses Brie to do five bedrooms instead of four, Brie tells her she doesn’t “need” five.

Nikki then explains that before, Brie wanted a larger house but now that her and Bryan are saying that they want something smaller, Nikki “worries” that Brie isn’t getting what she “wants.”
“You’ve changed,” Nikki tells Brie. “You used to want all this stuff.”

Nikki then says, “You’re not my sister anymore.”