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This sounded a little bit crazy when I read about it. Who could have ever imagined that Daniel Bryan was staying with John Cena?

The general manager of the WWE SmackDown Live brand Daniel Bryan has finally deemed it fit to go out of his in-law and his friend’s house. It has really been along time of stay anyway and things seem to have gone really bad with him.

It was reported that Daniel Bryan moved back home to Phoenix after learning he can “never compete again” in the WWE ring.

On Wednesday’s episode of Total Bellas, Bryan’s doctors informed him that he wouldn’t be able to get back into the ring and Brie Bella explained to Nikki Bella that Bryan just needs to “go home” by himself because he needs “alone time.”

As if retiring from the WWE wasn’t enough, Bryan recently lost his dad and Brie now thinks her husband has hit “rock bottom.”
“I honestly feel that his depression is out of control,” Brie said on the episode.